Biology multiple choice questions (mcq)

for NEET and AIIMS exams

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  1. The living world

  2. Biological Classification ( Viruses, Viroids, Prions and Kingdom Monera)

  3. Biological Classification ( Kingdom Protista , Kingdom Fungi) )

  4. Biological Classification ( Kingdom Plantae )

  5. Biological Classification ( Kingdom Animals)

  6. Digestion and Absorption

  7. Breathing and Respiration

  8. Body Fluids and Circulation

  9. Control and Coordination

  10. Bio Molecules

  11. Chemical Coordination and Regulation

  12. Reproduction in Organisms

  13. Improvement in food production

  14. Inheritance and Variation

  15. Genetic basis of Inheritance

  16. Molecular Basis of Inheritance

  17. Cell Structure and Cell Organelle

  18. Cell cycle and cell division

  19. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

  20. Embryonic Development

  21. Human Reproduction

  22. Locomotion and Movement

  23. Plant Growth and Movement

  24. Environmental Issues

  25. Organism and the Environment

  26. Microbes in Human Welfare

  27. Evolution

  28. Excretion products and their elimination

  29. Human Health and Disease

  30. Respiration in Plants

  31. Anatomy of Flowering plants

  32. Morphology of Flowering plants

  33. Photosynthesis

  34. Structural Organisation in Animals

  35. Transport in Plant

  36. Mineral Nutrition

  37. Biodiversity And Its Conservation

  38. Ecosystem

  39. Biotechnology

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