Number of questions are 140, Select_Question:

More you practice multiple choice questions your concept become more clearer. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to solve more and more mcq. Whether you appear for any completive exam or not.
For success in competitive exams like CET, JEE(mains), AIPMT speed of solving question plays an important role. It has been noticed that majority of student make hest while solving mcq due to pressure of time. They try to read question quickly, as a result they do not interpret question properly and land up with wrong answer or read question again and again.

I recommend following steps:
i) Give more time to read question, understand it properly
  • Make a list of given and to find.
  • Note conditions including “NOT”.
  • Pay more attention on catalyst of chemical reaction.
  • Pay more attention on reactivity.
  • Use elimination method to find correct answer

    ii) Once problem is understood and formula is recalled then quickly go through the calculations use approximate round figure values if all answers numbers are not matching. This step should consume less amount of time.

    iii) Mark answer in OMR sheet by putting bold dot. Complete circles after every 50 minutes. Generally to fill a circle it takes about 6 to 8 sec. If many circles are filled at same time else it takes more than 10 sec.