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Environmental issues

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Environmental laws for controlling pollution

  1. Environment ( Protection) Act, 1986
    • It is the most comprehensive law meant for prevention, control of environmental pollution by laying down emission norms and setting up of central and state pollution control boards.
    • The boards check the emissions and effluents by various institutes and industries, their treatment and disposal. The act encompasses air, water, soil,and noise. Rules have been framed under this law from time to time such as
    1. Hazardous wastes (management and handling) Rule 1989.
    2. Noise Pollution (Regulation of control) Rules 2000.
    3. Biomedical waste (management and handling) Rules, 1998.
    4. Recycled plastic manufacture and usage Rule 1999.
    5. Ozone-depleting substances (Regulation and control) Rule 2000.
    6. Municipal Solid Wastes (Management and handling) Rule 2000.

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    1. Insecticide Act 1968
      It regulates the manufacture, import, sale, transport, distribution,and use of insecticides laying down various rules to reduce risk to human health and health of other organisms.
    2. Water ( prevention and control of pollution) Act 1974.
      It specifies the quality of water for various purposes, way,and means to control water pollution and prevention of detrimental pollution and prevention of detrimental effects on human health and health of other biological entities.
    3. Air ( Prevention and control of pollution) Act 1981
      This act is meant for preserving the quality of air, controlling air pollution and preventing detrimental effects of air pollutants and human health and health of other biological entities. By an amendment in 1987, the noise was also recognized as air pollutants.

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