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Q1) Which of the following is less general in characters as compared to genus … [ CBSE 2001]

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A genus is a class of similar things, especially a group of animals or plants that includes several closely related species.
A species is often defined as a group of individuals that actually or potentially interbreed in nature. Have very specific characteristics
A family is a scientific grouping of closely related organisms. It has smaller groups, called genera and species, within it. A family can have a lot of members or only a few. Examples of families include the cats (Felidae), the gulls (Laridae) and the grasses (Poaceae).
A biology Class is a classification of organisms that contain general common traits, such as having a backbone, eight legs, etc. It is below Phyla and above Order.
Division/Phylum is a taxonomic ranking that comes third in the hierarchy of classification, after domain and kingdom. Organisms in a phylum share a set a characteristics that distinguishes them from organisms in another phylum
Thus as we go down general characteristics decreases and specific characteristics increases
Answer : (a)

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