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Q2) Match the column .... ..... [ kerala 2006 ]
a) Aerobic 1. Frankia
b) Cyanobacteria 2.Azospirillum
c) Casuarina 3.Clostridium
d) Tropical grasses 4. Aulosira
- -   - - 5. Azotobacter

Azotobacter are aerobic, free-living soil microbes that play an important role in the nitrogen cycle. a - 5
Aulosira is a genus of cyanobacteria found in a variety of environmental niches . b - 4
Symbiotic nitrogen-fixing associations between Casuarina trees and the actinobacteria Frankia are widely used in agroforestry. c - 1
Bacteria of the genus Azospirillum were isolated from the rhizosphere of many grasses and cereals all over the world, in tropical as well as in temperate climates. d - 2