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Q1) Match the following concerning essential elements and their functions in plants ... [NEET 2020]
(a) Iron (i) Photolysis of water
(b) Zinc (ii) Pollen germination
(c) Boron (iii) Required for chlorophyll biosynthesis
(d) Manganese (iv) IAA biosynthesis
Select the correct option

Plants obtain iron in the form of ferric ions (Fe3+). It is reversibly oxidised from Fe2+ to Fe3+ during electron transfer. It activates catalase enzyme, and is essential for the formation of chlorophyll. a → iii
Plants obtain zinc as Zn2+ ions. It activates various enzymes, especially carboxylases. It is also needed in the synthesis of auxin (IAA). b → iv
Boron is absorbed as BO33- or B4 O72-. Boron is required for uptake and utilisation of Ca2+, membrane functioning, pollen germination, cell elongation, cell differentiation and carbohydrate translocation. c → ii
The best defined function of manganese is in the splitting of water to liberate oxygen during photosynthesis d → i
Answer : (a)

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