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Q1) During high blood pressure, regulations of heart beat and circulation are controlled by ... ... [ AIIMS 1999 ]

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Vasoconstrictor center: The center in the medulla oblongata that brings about the constriction of blood vessel. Cardio-inhibitory center of the medulla: interfering with or slowing the normal sequence of events in the cardiac cycle

Answer : (c)
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Body fluid and circulation Important topics are as follows

1. Circulatory system

2. Open circulatory system

3. Closed circulatory system

4. Efficiency of closed respiratory system

5. Blood

6. Blood coagulation

7. Functions of blood

8. Blood group

9. Human Heart

10. Conduction of heart beat

11. Heart sounds

12. Cardiac output

13. Regulation of heart beat

14. Electrocardiogram (ECG )

15. Blood pressure

16. Double circulation

17. Arterial system

18. Venous system

19. Portal system

20. Lymphatic system

21. Some common cardiovascular defects

22. Distinguish