gneet    TOPIC : MICROBES IN HUMAN WELFARE Number of questions are 185
Q1) Match List-I with List-II [ NEET 2021]
List – I List – II
a) Aspergillus niger i) Acetic acid
b) Acetobacter aceti ii) Lactic acid
c) Clostridium butylicum iii) Citric acid
d) Lactobacillus iv) Butyric acid
Choose the correct answer from the option given below

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Aspergillus niger (a fungus) of citric acid,
Acetobacter aceti (a bacterium) of acetic acid;
Clostridium butylicum (a bacterium) of butyric acid
and Lactobacillus (a bacterium) of lactic acid.
Reference NCERT text book 12th Page 183, 10.2.3 Chemicals, Enzymes and other Bioactive Molecules

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