Physics multiple choice questions (mcq)

for NEET and AIIMS exams
  1. Units, dimension and measurement

  2. Motion in one dimension

  3. Motion in two and three dimensions

  4. Laws of motion

  5. Work, energy and power

  6. Centre of mass and rotational motion.

  7. Gravitation

  8. Properties of matter

  9. Particle nature of light

  10. Oscillations and wave

  11. Ray and wave optics

  12. Heat and thermodynamics

  13. Electrostatics

  14. Current electricity

  15. Thermal and chemical effects of current

  16. Magnetic effects of current

  17. Magnetism

  18. Electro-magentic induction and alternating currents

  19. Atom and nucleus

  20. Electromagnetic wave and communication

  21. Semiconductor devices

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